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Primal Embodiment is the art of being yourself fully expressed.  


But who exactly are you?

 Before you tell me a story about who you think you are, I want you to feel, really feel whatever it is you're really feeling, right now.  Breathe fully into this experience and allow your body to create the sounds and movements that express this feeling. Give yourself over to this experience completely. Allow yourself to be. Now repeat ad infinitum. This is Primal Embodiment, the direct experience and expression of what is.  

  Through the process of sensing what is and allowing our bodies the freedom to express we peel away the layers of the past which prevent us from being present in a fully joyous and ultimately authentic way. As we embody and express the unfelt woes of the past, which the present must be filtered through, our experience will transform. With each moment spent in a state of primal embodiment we get closer and closer to revealing ourselves most high, that which we are when we are no longer holding onto the past. The self that continues to transform and evolve. A self both vibrantly animalistic and divine, possessing the incredible depths of feeling we have labeled feminine, along with the laser sharp focus of direction we have determined masculine. Whatever story you have about how you got here, or who you are, it’s time to let that go. It’s time to be free of stories, It’s time to just be.


As a class experience Primal Embodiment focuses on 4 key areas of expression:  movement, breath, sound, and contact.

  • Movement is life. Movement is expression. How we move or carry ourselves reflects our inner states of being whether conscious or otherwise. Movement in primal embodiment comes in 2 major themes, reflecting the principles of chaos and order.

    • Origins of Movement: Exploratory movement in a variety of circumstances that cultivates awareness in the body and allows for the individual to discover their own movement needs.

    • Primal Flow: Organized movements taught in phrases or flows, mapping out the language of movement that is inherent to the human body. The ultimate intention is to teach an individual how to find their way from any position to another in a mechanically efficient and structurally sound way.

  • Breath is a great mover of our skeletal system and  a powerful tool for physical exploration and transformation.  Some of the most ridgid places in our bodies are resultant from a life of unconscious and mundane breathing. Breath awareness will be infused into movement practice as well as  utilized as a tool for mobilizing our spine and releasing unconscious holding patterns.

  • Sound is the key to our authentic self expression, and a personal tool for transformation.  It’s also the natural consequence of our breath moving our vocal chords. Our tones tell our truths regardless of the words coming out of our mouths.  In class we will practice tuning into the way we feel and authentically express ourselves through sound. Learn to let go by letting go of sound as well as explore the effects that making sounds has on the way we move

  • Contact: We only exist individually in relationship to other. Be it the floor, a prop, or another human being, an essential component to our primal embodiment is the way we interact with the world around us.  Contact with anything offers us an external point of reference about how we are doing things. In class we will explore contact with the floor to practice softening and expanding our bodies,the floor will give very clear feedback if your movements are hard.  With each other we will engage in partner drills to explore movement, solidity, receptivity, and leadership as well as have a great deal of fun playing with each other. A partners body will give you feedback, and we will learn to listen to this, but also they can communicate with there words to help us better understand how we are showing up in partnership.

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