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     My name is Brian Zerega and I have been on a quest of physical mastery for over 20 years. Originally inspired by the great strength of my fantasy heroes I sought to attain legendary physical prowess through natural means. I discovered along my journey that there were many secrets to becoming strong that were not commonly understood in gym circles, nor in the exercise literature available to me in my youth. Through the power of America Online and the shared passion of my good friend and I stumbled upon a series of out-of-print books written at the turn of the last century (1900). These authors, whose Victorian era prose could inspire even the most lethargic person to action boasted feats which seemed to my buddy and I the stuff of fantasy. Feats such as the bending and breaking of spikes,  lifting of anvils by the horn and  the pressing of 100lb weights overhead with only the little finger had us spellbound.  We were convinced  that with the right knowledge and dedication in our training we could become uncommonly strong men, and we haven’t looked back. The book for me which began it all was The Secrets of Strength by Earle Liederman.


Things have changed quite a bit since that beginning. Aside from attaining great strength, my aims have shifted to living unrestricted in movement and without any pain or discomforts. I've learned to view all my limitations in movements as weaknesses rather then merely a lack in flexibility.  This paradigm shift has enabled me to develop a relationship to movement that is constantly evolving, challenging my greatest weaknesses instead of my greatest strengths. My health, well being and vibrancy have also taken precedence In my life and although nutrition has always been important to me my understanding of what healthy eating is has gone through many transformations over the years. I was raised within the “low fat is healthy” model of eating, where one was either skinny (and therefore healthy), or fat and unhealthy. Now I see things more broadly and think in terms of, What am I eating? How does it benefit me? Was it available to my ancestors? Where was it grown? In what soils? What’s the global impact of my choices? And most importantly… How does it make me feel? 


Brian Zerega is a bodyworker, healing artist, and movement coach.

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