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Client Reviews


Brian is one of the only people I trust when it comes to the maintenance and health of my body. I'm an NCAA Gymnast and former Cirque du Soleil Acrobat at IRIS where Brian had performed massage and body work. I now do stunts professionally for Film and Television and will soon be stunt-doubling a major Marvel Character for one of their upcoming sagas! I needed to get my body to the right dimensions to get the part and I immediately called Brian.

Brian finds what you need and makes sure it gets taken care of. In addition to that, he finds other areas of the body you may not have even realized were causing you problems. His intuitive and pinpointed body work has helped me change and manipulate my body in all the ways I need it to.

-Chris S.


After years of hearing of Brian through friends and health practitioners I finally got a massage last April for my fiancé and myself. I had been in a bad accident and was suffering from severe TMJ and other bodily trauma. My TMJ pain has not come back since and it has been over 7 months.
I have traveled the world and had over a hundred massages and I can tell you that Brian is the best of the best. Definitely the best massage therapist in Los Angeles. Brian is professional, intuitive, and has vast amounts of knowledge of the human body. He is a true healer and a wonderful person. I recommend Brian to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

- Lyndsay R.



I had heard glowing recommendations of Brian's work but nothing prepared me for this massage. Brian has a deep understanding of the body as a site for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. He facilitates an exchange of energy that unfolds on multiple levels simultaneously.  Because he is knowledgeable, grounded, professional, and empathic he is able to support the body to release and open in a way that is truly liberating.  I felt a sense of safety, respect, light-heartedness, and ease with Brian that made the experience remarkable. The effects have continued to unfold weeks afterward, and my appreciation and respect for Brian's gifts has continued to grow. If you are looking for a body worker who can re-awaken your connection to your body's own wisdom, Brian is the one.

Mary M.


A male bodyworker has pluses and minuses. They are strong, yet sometimes lack sensitivity. Brian has both. What I also commend, is his ability to be professional. As a women, I do not sense any "confusing" energy from him while I allow myself to relax, in a vulnerable status. I feel he is well-learned in the area of bodywork and actually cares about his performance. He uses different modalities to help the body release knots in the tissue. I have and will highly recommend him to my friends. I have traded with him many times because, I too, am a massage therapist, therefore, that is a high compliment!!.

- Amanda P.



I had an accident about 8 months ago and had horrible physical and emotional trauma. I started seeing Brian for weekly massages about 2 months ago, and my injury and trauma (both physically and emotionally) has gotten exponentially better in this short period of time, thanks to him. Not only is he an incredibly gifted masseuse, but he has such a healing touch. I truly think of him as a healer, as he is so much more than just simply a masseuse. His bodywork is truly magical, you are lucky if you get to experience his work. :)
Thank you, Brian!

- Katie E.



Brian is awesome, both as a massage therapist and also as a bodyworker who holds space for deep emotional/spiritual processing work. Brian's massage is incredibly strong, deep and slow, and it has the power to take you into deep altered states. If you're looking for a holistic approach to bodywork, you'd be hard pressed to find someone better. Brian is also a good guy - very kind, caring and gentle. I think it's very rare to find people who know how to hold strong space without making any demands on you or trying to lead you somewhere. But Brian holds tremendous space, his work feels very safe and he simply follows your body's needs in an incredibly intuitive way. He is tremendously gifted. Perfect for anyone looking for physical restoration or mind/body/spirit restoration. There is a reason why has has all five-star reviews. I feel very grateful to have found him.

- Jamie S.


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