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Client Reviews

As a recovering CrossFit retiree, 34 North's Bodyweight Mastery class was like a breath of fresh air. Instead of half hating a workout done for time with a "get it done any way you can" mentality, Brian's class is 60 minutes of focusing on quality, strength building, and safe movements.

I found 34 North through ClassPass and couldn't have been more happy with my first experience at the gym. If you've done CrossFit before, the surroundings are familiar - big pull up rig, barbells, kettlebells, ropes to climb, and some other fun toys. While some classes at the gym are more conditioning focused, I really loved Bodyweight Mastery because it made exercise fun again. Instead of being about pain, gains, and exhaustion, it was about trying your best, trying something new on the rings/parallettes/pull up rig, and having fun getting strong. Brian is really encouraging and demonstrates a lot of progressions so that anyone at any level will feel like they did something cool that day.

I'm excited to spend more Friday nights at 34 North learning new stuff!


Dave C.


Through the magic of ClassPass, I'm able to sample many different gyms across the Los Angeles Basin... and beyond. Out of the dozens or so fitness studios that I have perused in 2015, 34 North ranks close to the top. Admittedly, I've only taken Brian Zerega's class, Bodyweight Mastery, but once I took it the one time, I knew that was going to be my go-to Friday night destination! Brian is incredibly knowledgeable about strength training, and manages to make it fun. The class sizes have typically been small (no more than six people), so it feels more like a semi-private training session. Additionally, the other students have always been super friendly and the regulars seem to genuinely care if I master that darn handstand (still have a ways to go with that)!

Because it's so close to Santa Monica College, there isn't a lot of unrestricted free parking, but after six you'll have plenty of options.


Patrick M.


I've been a personal trainer for about a year and I can say from my experience in the field, 34 North has some of the best trainers I have ever met and trained with. One of the main concepts I use with my clients is that training has to be fun and enjoyable otherwise it is hard to stick with it. There's no problem with that here.

Brian's bodyweight mastery class is the most fun I have ever had with a group class while also pushing me to the limits of my strength and endurance with fun bodyweight skills and techniques. If you love calisthenics, gymnastics, animal flow , parkour or acrobatics then definitely take this class!

I've known Brian for years and his wealth of knowledge on strength training and recovery is unmatched.


Joey B.


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